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Harry Fielder to Chair the HMA 2023/2024

“I have been very fortunate to have built relationships with and learned from some of the best marketing brains in the industry. I am excited to give back wherever I can by continuing to foster an innovative, open-minded, and engaged community of hotel marketers.” The HMA has gone from strength to strength and developed a community of hotel marketing professionals eager to network and learn. Harry’s role will help grow the HMA, bringing his knowledge of translating commercial challenges into creative and robust digital solutions. Already a well-known figure in the industry, Harry loves sharing his knowledge and insights across many platforms, both virtually, and at industry events. Harry adds:
“The speed at which marketing and technology is changing continues to be relentless. The channels through which we consume information and stay connected are changing. I am looking forward to continuing the fabulous work of previous chairs to create a vibrant and engaged community of hotel marketers and amazing properties across the UK.” Harry will be supported by an executive committee of hotel marketing professionals who will continue to focus on training and development opportunities for the sector as well as the HMA hotel marketing awards. The HMA has a role to bring together collective experience, knowledge, and skills, to create a lasting positive impact but will also continue to recognise and reward marketing excellence. Petra Clayton, CEO, CUSTARD will step into the role of past chair and continue to support the HMA for 2023. Petra comments:
“It’s been an absolute pleasure to steer the HMA during what has been a very difficult period for the entire industry. I am excited to hand the baton to Harry who I know will drive HMA forward with his digital expertise and industry understanding. It’s now time for us to further engage with a sector that must come together, professionalise, and grow again.”

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