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Best Hotel Marketing Team

Relevant Marketing Team

This team will, between them, be responsible for the overall marketing of an individual hotel, a small group or a chain. The team may be as few as 2 people. Marketing should be the main focus of how they spend their time.


Relevant Marketing Activities

Highlight outstanding results, creative initiatives, great leadership and effective teamwork in achieving marketing objectives and elevating the hotel's brand presence & business performance . Activities may just focus on those segments, promotions, activities & channels most important to the hotel’s success or cover the whole range of Marketing activities and initiatives.

What Judges will be looking for

Judging will be based on outstanding results, creativity, teamwork, and the team's overall contribution to successful marketing initiatives. Judges will also look for great leadership and a commitment to on-going learning in Marketing.

What is marketing best practice?

There are specific criteria for each award category, but in addition every entry will be judged on the following:

  • Relevance to target market / audience and the specific market in which you operate.

  • Creativity that makes you stand out from your competitors.

  • A strategy that has been clearly thought through and developed.

  • Objectives that are quantifiable, meaningful and measurable. Think SMART.

  • A budget that is cleverly used and generates a good ROI.

  • Use of the most relevant Marketing channels.

  • Innovative ideas.

  • Good ethical practice.

  • Authenticity, not gimmicks!

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