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We were recently joined Mark Durber and Pete Stevens from Clockwork Marketing to discuss the Hotel Marketing Insights for Q4 and beyond. As well as how to capitalise on emerging traveller behaviours and digital marketing trends.

Seasonal Trends to Stay Ahead

Webinar - seasonal trends

Hotel Marketing Trends: 2022 and beyond

We were recently joined by David Gardner and Sam Weston from 80 DAYS alongside Martin Evans from The Tourism Business to explore the trends that will shape our hotel marketing in 2022 and beyond.

WEBINAR: Hotel Marketin Trends 2022

Understanding tech stacks; modernise your guest experience without splashing out

For years, hotel systems were dominated by a few big players that were expensive, inflexible, and quickly outdated. The last five years have seen an explosion of new players in every part of the hotel technology stack. No longer is the hotelier betrothed to locked-down platforms with limited expansion capabilities. Hotel operators can now kit-build their entire system from a multitude of cloud-based providers. Building solutions on disparate systems can create a spaghetti bowl of complexity that could cost twice as much to bring it together.

WEBINAR: Understanding tech stacks
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