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Check-in: The Hotel Marketing Report 2024

Take part in the UK’s largest hotel marketing survey

Post-pandemic hotel marketing has had to contend with significant shifts in buying behaviours, marketing channels and trends. To stay ahead, marketing specialists need to understand and adopt new technology and strategies. 59% of hospitality businesses rate their business performance as very or fairly strong in 2023. How do you compare?


We want to hear the views of owners, operators and those working in independent hotels.

  • What are your biggest marketing challenges?

  • How important is sustainability to your business?

  • How is your marketing performing in 2024 and looking ahead to 2025?


We will collate the results into a report that gathers first party data on a range of topics from independent hotels. The results can be used by individuals to help benchmark and understand how others are performing and what they are doing to increase bookings. By completing the survey, you will be amongst the first to receive a copy of the report.

We want to hear your views


About the survey partners

The HMA: Providing support and inspiration for hotel marketers and the wider industry seeking guidance and insight for their business and career.

Clockwork Marketing: Leading UK hospitality digital marketing and website agency.

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