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Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

Relevant Marketing Activities

Illustrate campaigns that seamlessly integrate various marketing channels to convey a consistent brand message, leading to a comprehensive and effective marketing approach.


What Judges will be looking for

Judging will consider the seamless integration of multiple marketing channels, message consistency, innovation, and overall campaign effectiveness and results matching campaign’s SMART goals.

What is marketing best practice?

There are specific criteria for each award category, but in addition every entry will be judged on the following:

  • Relevance to target market / audience and the specific market in which you operate.

  • Creativity that makes you stand out from your competitors.

  • A strategy that has been clearly thought through and developed.

  • Objectives that are quantifiable, meaningful and measurable. Think SMART.

  • A budget that is cleverly used and generates a good ROI.

  • Use of the most relevant Marketing channels.

  • Innovative ideas.

  • Good ethical practice.

  • Authenticity, not gimmicks!

Sponsored by:

CTI Digital is a leading UK technology, experience and digital marketing agency that helps ambitious brands grow by transforming, accelerating and maximising every aspect of their digital business. They do this by combining enterprise-level technical expertise with human-centred experiences that are a joy to interact with.


We have years of experience in the hotel industry with clients including Aman, De Vere and Travelodge.


We offer services including website UX design and development, conversion rate optimisation, paid search, social media management, meta search, SEO and email marketing.  We know how important it is to monitor the sale of room nights throughout the month and have created a dynamic reporting tool that shows sales and channel attribution to allow us to proactively monitor client spend to ensure targets are being met.


We support all of our hotel clients with managed hosting and speedy website support services.


For more information on our services visit our website ( or contact Richard Metcalfe (

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