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Why LinkedIn is the place to be in 2021

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

  1. Attend a course or networking event and share what you learnt.

  2. Write a blog or a LinkedIn article about something topical happening in the industry.

  3. Go through your emails to find where you’ve answered questions for people and repurpose them into helpful posts.

  4. Ask a question and think of the post as the start of a conversation.

  5. Tell a funny or heartfelt story.

  6. Celebrate, shout out or thank somebody else.

  7. Record a post as a video instead of writing it.

  8. Share a photo of where you’re working from.

  9. Share some top tips, shortcuts or hacks. Tips for making your LinkedIn profile page the best it can be 

  10. Have a professional headshot done to use for your profile picture.

  11. Decide what you're looking to achieve with LinkedIn and what you want people to know.

  12. Dedicate time to it. Update and tweak your profile often.

  13. Find other people's profiles that inspire you and ask yourself why?

  14. You have 2600 characters for your summary and 220 for your headline - make the most of that space but don’t use it for the sake of it.

  15. Make sure you put the most important things first.

  16. Include keywords and phrases (you are searchable).

  17. Use language, spacing and formatting that makes your summary easily readable.

  18. Jam-pack your experience section.

  19. Voice record your name and a message.

  20. Ask for recommendations and endorsements from people who know you.

  21. Make it personal to you.In summary LinkedIn is a really great way to grow your business network and keep yourself at the forefront of people’s minds. Let LinkedIn work alongside your other ways of building relationships.

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