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Why Awards are a winner for everyone | Law Creative

Do Awards Matter? But why do awards matter? Aren’t they just a way for industries to slap each other on the back and enjoy a good night out? They don't actually make a difference. Do they? Well, yes they do. As someone who has worked in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years, with about half of these within the hotel and leisure industry, I think industry awards are hugely important for a number of reasons, not least because it is by recognising and celebrating successful campaigns, businesses and initiatives that we can inspire the industry to continue striving to be the best it can be. Awards, whether for individuals or for teams, keep us all encouraged to raise the bar. Great agencies and in-house hotel marketing teams alike are focused with a laser-like intensity on commercial and brand-driven goals. Awards present an opportunity to take a step back, survey what you and your competitors are doing, and be both humbled and inspired to be ever greater.

Harnessing and spreading success It is vital to recognise and celebrate the success of individual efforts and success stories, and to motivate and recognise people for the hard work, intelligence and dedication they bring to their careers. Awards remind us what really matters in marketing – exceeding objectives in outstanding and memorable ways. At LAW Creative, we believe awards are testament to great work that works well and delivers beyond. Awards help attract and retain great talent too. Often the best talent wants to work with others at the top of their game. Driven individuals and teams alike have the wisdom to learn from the competition and successful peers. They look at who is winning awards and learn what to do to improve – this can’t be a bad thing.

It’s for the industry By being part of a collective marketing community that gathers to celebrate and reward each other, we can motivate key industry players to strive for success, ultimately keeping an important industry on top of its game. Awards help our industry set and keep the bar high, provided we never lose sight of the real prize: our clients' success. We also believe in good old-fashioned competition as a way to celebrate success and destroy mediocre marketing, because winners are often those who go beyond the everyday, the ordinary. For example, when our ‘As Committed as You are’ campaign for Radisson Hotel Group won the Most Creative Activity by an Agency award at the Hotel Marketing Association Awards 2018 the judges praised the fact that our campaign was disruptive, “delivered through highly-creative, attention-grabbing, relevant visuals.”

Sponsored award And so, to answer the question posed at the beginning of this article. We have opted to sponsor the HMA ‘young marketer of the year award’ because with 20 years’ agency experience in the hotel marketing industry, ranging from IHG, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, to Thistle, Marriott, Jury’s Inns and more, we believe it is important to ‘give back’ and recognise the next generation of hotel marketers. Having worked throughout this period with many young marketers, we have first-hand experience of their knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and fresh-outlook, all of which should be harnessed and celebrated. If you’re a young marketer who wants to succeed (or know someone who is), it’s not too late to enter the HMA’s Young Hotel Marketer of the Year Award 2019. In addition to the prestigious HMA Award, LAW Creative will offer the winning young marketer a day working at the agency with the creative, digital and film teams, and at the end of their experience he or she will be presented with the latest iPhone on which to practice their social and mobile marketing skills.

About Law Creative We are multi-award-winning business drivers for the hospitality and automotive sectors and can prove it through outstanding ROI results for our clients. We are ourselves an HMA Awards recipient for such high-profile clients such as InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn and Radisson Hotel Group. And we have recently been awarded ‘top 20 independent agency status’ in the UK by The Drum. If you want to talk about any aspect of hotel marketing that you find of special appeal, or need some advice about, just drop an email to

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