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Think like a guest: improving brand awareness with Avvio

Digital omnipresence is having a presence on as many relevant channels as possible, and it’s crucial for the modern-day hotelier. Every year consumers are relying more heavily on digital channels for all of their travel needs, from the initial researching phase to making a booking. With new innovations and features coming on every channel we use, keeping up to date can be a tireless job.

In addition, the advent of digitisation has resulted in interconnected online and physical experiences meaning you’re not only tasked with running a successful business, you’re also assumed to be a modern-day clairvoyant. You have to anticipate the potential wants and needs of your guests whilst providing a fantastic guest experience – all before they have even stepped foot in your hotel lobby.

Guests expect to be assisted at every point in their path to purchase. To succeed you must deliver experiences that are fast and easy.

The amount of data readily available to marketers means we now have a magnified and incredibly detailed view into our guests’ online behaviour. In fact, we have so much data available to us that we can account for almost every type of buying pattern. We can correlate this to seasonal changes, and even capture moments in life such as buying a house or getting married.

In today’s consumer path to purchase journey, a purchase doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the search. In order to increase the likelihood of a visitor returning to your website within a number of touchpoints to complete their booking, hoteliers need to take an analytical approach and use a range of available tools to really understand the guest behaviour.

This is why we encourage hospitality professionals to not only think like a guest but also like a marketer, a millennial and an analyst. Our latest eBook encourages you to put on your metaphorical thinking cap and review your digital offerings from the perspective of your guests.

Our free to download ‘Think like a…’ series highlights the need for hotels and accommodation providers to implement a multi-faceted, guest-centric approach to deliver personalised user journeys across their digital platforms in order to drive direct booking revenue.

Avvio co-founder and CEO Frank Reeves says: “We know that being a hotelier can be tough and even more so with the constant evolution and digitisation of the sector.

“Your online experience has to evolve to give all potential guests an individual and tailored journey from the start, to build a sense of personalisation ahead of their stay. Take some time to think about the ways in which your target audience consumes your brand and the ways your followers are engaging with your hotel online.”

We hope our eBook will be a useful tool for providing an exceptional guest journey from the beginning. It will provide you with practical suggestions for improving brand awareness, guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Click here to download a copy of Avvio’s ‘Think like a Guest’ eBook.

To find out more about Avvio, please contact them using the below channels:

Twitter: @AvvioDirect

Instagram: @avviodirect


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