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Recruitment - Its A Matter Of Teamwork | Sponsored by PSD

When someone leaves the team it is important to do the right things at the right times… with the right people. It’s the moment any manager or business leader dreads. The unscheduled, “have you got a couple of minutes for me” where subsequently a rather sheepishly presented envelope is exchanged. You find yourself asking all sorts of questions… did I do something wrong? Did we offer enough support? Were we underpaying? Could we have promoted or motivated differently? The fact is that whilst some of these factors may have contributed to the employee’s decision to resign, it is also part of business life that people will come and go. As leaders within your business, you need to be ready to respond in a timely fashion to ensure the wider business does not suffer during the transition period. When the moment comes, what are your first thoughts? Call HR and get a job ad ready and also get them prepped for weeks of application sieving and interview scheduling? Speak with the MD to see what additional finance may be available to improve the package on offer? Ask if there is a budget to use a recruitment partner?

A trusted partner, not a cost centre. It is easy to see (initially) why a business would choose to keep things in-house… control and cost being strong deciding factors. However, in the absence of a dedicated team, it can put increase pressure on the current resource. After all, it takes time to filter through the applications and it can feel like you are waiting for a needle to fall in your haystack. A good recruitment partner should be able to find you quality applicants in a swift fashion and have you back to a full team quickly, and all the while, saving your internal team the pressure of sourcing, screening and qualifying. Of course, the cost piece is a real consideration, however, the loss of a key member of the team for an extended period could have a much greater impact on the commercial performance.

Finding talent is an art Brexit seems to find its way into any topic of conversation these days, and recruitment is no different. The ease of movement is having a greater influence in how business are able to attract new talent to their doors. However, the principles of recruitment remain the same… being connected to quality candidates, and understanding their aspirations. As a recruitment consultancy of over 25 years, PSD takes pride in its network of both candidates and clients. This network is robust and built on years of trust. Our clients know that our approach is rigorous. Before any search is initiated, we take time to understand the client’s needs; the role, the character profile as well as the competencies required. Our candidates know we keep them in mind for roles of true relevance. As in life, rushed decisions typically lead to greater pain in the long run. Not investing time into the recruitment process may get you, someone, quickly but will you find yourself in the same position sooner than you’d like. For a confidential meeting to discuss your recruitment needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit PSD Groups website here Rod Larman, Principal Consultant at PSD. Focussing on sales and marketing appointments within hotels; international and national brands as well as independently owned properties across all asset classes from luxury to budget. 0207 970 9643 |

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