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TV gold for hotels - 13th August

TV gold for hotels: The reality of TV fly-on-the-walls and are they for you? Travel programmes have never been as loved on TV as they are now.  So have you ever wondered if you should put your hotel forward for coverage on TV, maybe in one of the “fly-on-the-wall” documentaries that so many channels are now making and broadcasting? On Thursday 13th August, the HMA is inviting you to a free Webinar on Zoom on this very subject.  Introduced and moderated by Martin Evans, MD of The Tourism Business and Organiser of the National Hotel Marketing Conference, the event will see two topical speakers present their own experiences and discuss the merits and opportunities involved:

  1. Yes or no? How to decide whether to take part or not

  2. Can you get control of the script and the subject-matter/personalities filmed?

  3. Managing the film-makers and their crew

  4. Pre-screening publicity opportunities you can take advantage of

  5. A 24-Hour Window! Marketing around the airing of the programme

  6. Is it really “TV Gold”? How did it work for you?Speakers:

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