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Relevant Marketing Activities

Highlight unique and engaging content marketing initiatives, such as storytelling, visual campaigns, videos or interactive experiences, demonstrating originality and strong audience resonance.


What Judges will be looking for

Entries will be evaluated on originality, storytelling, engagement, and the campaign’s effectiveness in conveying the brand or promotion message.

What is marketing best practice?

There are specific criteria for each award category, but in addition every entry will be judged on the following:

  • Relevance to target market / audience and the specific market in which you operate.

  • Creativity that makes you stand out from your competitors.

  • A strategy that has been clearly thought through and developed.

  • Objectives that are quantifiable, meaningful and measurable. Think SMART.

  • A budget that is cleverly used and generates a good ROI.

  • Use of the most relevant Marketing channels.

  • Innovative ideas.

  • Good ethical practice.

  • Authenticity, not gimmicks!

Sponsored by:

Pic PR is a creative communications agency focused on PR that's purpose built for the social, digital & mobile age. Pic PR creates award-winning PR campaigns powered by awesome ideas, engaging pictures and clever communication strategies.

They use creative tactics, engaging imagery, and clever communication strategies to get brands talked about by the people they want to talk about it.

As experts in delivering comprehensive hospitality PR campaigns for luxury markets, Pic PR can adapt their approach to suit your specific needs, utilising their experience to create a programme that works best for you and your hospitality establishment.

Pic PR specialises in: 
- Press relations and Digital PR
- Social Media
- Video & Photography
- Copy 

With over twelve years of experience working on hard-hitting hospitality campaigns, Pic PR knows what matters most to hospitality businesses: attracting guests.

Pic PR's existing client portfolio covers a mix of 4 and 5 star independent hotels as well as small hotel groups – both in the UK and overseas.

Get in touch via one of the methods below and Pic PR be delighted to discuss how they can make their services work for you.

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Most Creative Content Marketing Campaign

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