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22nd February 2024

Level up your hotel email marketing game - 5 top tips for hoteliers and hotel marketeers

Are you considering how you can boost your email marketing performance? Join us on this essential online marketing masterclass, where we’ll walk you through key strategies and recommendations for crafting stand-out email campaigns that not only capture your audience’s attention but also drive traffic to your website to increase direct bookings.


During this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights from Clockwork Marketing’s email marketing specialists covering:

  • Building your audience lists with forms

  • Design elements to inspire engagement

  • Crafting email content to generate direct bookings

  • Expanding your reach through retargeting

  • Streamlining communication with automation

6th March 2024

3 must-do strategies for 2024.

Get more traffic from Google - 5 successful strategies to boost your hotel’s rankings

Confused by Google? Why do your competitors come higher up in rankings and search results than you? This online marketing masterclass will give you practical insights and guidance to improving your website performance in Google Search results to increase website traffic and attract new bookers.


On this webinar you will learn from Clockwork Marketing’s Google Search experts about:

  • Finding the right keywords for your business

  • Creating great content for Google Search

  • Fundamental must-haves to be found in Google

  • Leveraging location-based search

  • Enhancing your Google Business Profile to drive results


Joined by Harry Fielder, Hotel Marketing Association Chariman.

19th March 2024

Reel Success: Harness the full potential of video marketing

Be immersed in an insightful panel discussion focused on the strategic utilisation of video content to amplify bookings and elevate visibility.


Our panellists, comprised of seasoned experts in the field from the hospitality industry, Tik Tok and Google, will discuss the artistry behind compelling video creation and its profound impact on audience engagement.

Learn how to showcase your property's unique offerings, attract new audiences and engage more effectively with current guests. Gain invaluable insights, best practices, and innovative strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of video marketing within the hospitality sector. This event promises to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to harness the full potential of video marketing in the fiercely competitive hospitality landscape.

21st March 2024

HMA x Amadeus Webinar

A webinar hosted by Amadeus and the HMA. More details coming soon

June 2024

HMA Hotel Marketing Awards

These awards recognise and celebrate the best Marketing practice in the UK hotel industry, as well as the best young Marketing talent.

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