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When asked what you did during lockdown what will you say?

When asked what you did during lockdown what will you say? It is a question that was posed across social media early in the Covid-19 lockdown.  Three months on we asked the committee what they’ve been up to. Some of our HMA committee members have worked throughout.  They have had to work extra hard to keep their companies afloat and marketing plans on track from home.  Others have been furloughed and have dived into the HMA to do list, planning events for the coming year.  Beyond doing fun stuff for charity and giving support to our community and key workers, it seems we have focussed on our wellbeing and giving ourselves time to reflect. Claire Bell from Dorchester Collection “I think lockdown has been a great time to reset from the normal pace of everyday life. It has allowed me to spend more time speaking with friends and family (albeit on Zoom!), focus on health and wellbeing, take time to read more, learn new skills and reflect. At times I have definitely conformed to the clichés of lockdown as much as it pains me to say; I have made a few banana breads, have hosted many a quiz, improved my break-making skills and so on, but I think it’s been a valuable time for everyone to slow down and pause.” Ed Purnell from Marriott International “I became a schoolteacher to two kids under the age of 7 whilst trying to hold down my day job.  I have really enjoyed going for regular jogs, cycle rides and walks. I’ve found some new great local family friendly walks and managed to lose over a stone!” Julian Ebbutt, Former MD, Best Loved Hotels “I’ve needed to plan our business recovery strategy but I’ve also been gardening and walking in the forest”.   And don’t forget the video for the #hospitality4heroeschallenge Julian! Pamela Carvell, Lifestyle Consultant and HMA President “I enjoyed spending time on the fabulous North East coast, that I live on. I pushed myself to still achieve 10,000 steps each day- not easy in the early days when we were only allowed out for exercise once each day. I still got up at 6am each day and used the extra time to call one friend each day, especially those living alone, and to bake! Most importantly I reflected on how I want to live my life for the next 10 years. Kasia Rudnik, The Langham London “It was really good to be able to slow down and enjoy things fully. Relaxing has been much easier with no alarm clocks, no deadlines, no urgent emails and I made sure I took advantage of that. I have spent loads of time outdoors, walking or biking which has been amazing” When asked by future generations what we did in the Covid-19 lockdown the HMA committee it seems we may not be pulling out a new trumpet for an impromptu concert or answering in fluent Portuguese but we will be able to say ‘I was there for the people that needed my help and I kept myself, my family and friends happy and healthy. Banana bread anyone?’

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